Letter from the Chief

Doug Sworn In Fred Mallow

Police Chief Doug Calvert                           Police Chief  Calvert & Retired Chief Mallow





My name is Douglas S. Calvert.  I have been serving as a police officer for 22 years.  Twenty of those years have been spent serving the City of Bonne Terre.  I am a life long resident of Bonne Terre and proud to not only work but live in Bonne Terre.

I am a graduate of North County High School.  I have a degree in Criminal Justice/Criminal Justice Management.  I have a Missouri Class A P.O.S.T. certification and over 1000 hours of certified police academy training.  I hold a Missouri Department of Health TYPE II certification as well as many other accreditations and awards.

I started with the Bonne Terre Police Department in 1993, was promoted to Corporal in 1995, sergeant in 1997, Captain in 1999, and Police Chief in 2005 after the retirement of long time Chief Fred Mallow.

I have enjoyed my career as a police officer with Bonne Terre.  I have enjoyed working with citizens, fellow officers, and city officials in my career.

I may be the Chief of Police but the Bonne Terre Police Department is a team effort.  Without the help of everyone working together our department would fail.

I look forward to serving another 20 years with the Bonne Terre Police Department and hopefully a bright future for Bonne Terre and it’s citizen’s.  Thank you

Chief of Police

D.S. Calvert #301