Mission Statement

Bonne Terre Fire Department

Mission Statement

Issued: 5 December 2013



From the department’s inception as a unit of the St. Joe Lead Company in 1889 to its current status as the municipal fire department for the city of Bonne Terre, it is our mission to preserve life and property, promote public safety and foster economic growth through leadership, management, and actions as an all risk life safety response provider.


The Department will focus its efforts on responding in a timely fashion to emergencies, providing appropriate intervention, and community education.


To the citizens of Bonne Terre:

We owe the residents of Bonne Terre the highest quality of service possible, characterized by responsiveness, integrity, stewardship, and professionalism.  We will continually strive for quality improvement.

To the Fire Department:

We owe the Bonne Terre Fire Department our full commitment and dedication.  We will always look beyond the traditional expectations of our individual positions to promote teamwork and department effectiveness.

To Each Other:

We owe each other a trusting and respectful working environment which fosters open and honest communication at all levels.

To Ourselves:

We owe ourselves the opportunity to grow both personally and professionally by seeking new knowledge and greater challenges.