City of Bonne Terre Forms now online

Please print out the forms you need and return them to City Hall.


City of Bonne Terre Job Application: CITY OF BONNE TERRE APPLICATION

Permit for Right-Of-Way Solicitation: $0.00 PERMIT FOR RIGHT-OF-WAY SOLICITATION

City of Bonne Terre Business/Mobile Home Park/Liquor License Application: CITY OF BONNE TERRE BUSINESS-MOBILE HOME PARK- LIQUOR LICENSE APPLICATION

Commercial Building Inspection: $50.00   COMMERCIAL BUILDING INSPECTION

Residential Building Inspection: $25.00  OCCUPANCY INSPECTION  You have to have an inspection before you move ANYTHING into the house/apartment.

To get water turned on: $150.00 Water Deposit CITY OF BONNE TERRE NEW WATER SERVICE and OCCUPANCY PERMIT

*If you have not had an inspection done, you also need to fill out the TEMPORARY WATER SERVICE

To get water turned off: $0.00 SERVICE DISCONNECTION

Address/Name Change: $0.00 ADDRESS NAME CHANGE